Call for Papers

Key issues dealing with immersion education will be discussed at this conference – Immersion Education: Opportunities and Best Practices. Paper and poster presentations are invited on the following conference strands:

  • Linking Teaching, Learning and Assessment in Immersion
  • School Self-Evaluation, Leadership and Educator Development
  • Navigating Policy and Innovation in Bilingual/Multilingual Communities.

Poster and paper presentations not directly related to these strands may be accepted, provided they are pertinent to the theme of immersion education in general.

Sessions available

  • Papers (20 minute talks): A paper here is defined as a 20 minute presentation on one of the three strands of the conference. Papers will be classified thematically where possible.
  • Poster presentation (45 minutes): This presentation format may be suitable to showcase preliminary results of a research study or for a study where visual representation may be more feasible. Authors at these sessions may present data and benefit from informal discussions and feedback from the other conference delegates. Posters, digital computer-based representations, art or visual media may be used. A summary on the objectives and methodology of the research should be presented and may be made available on a separate sheet.
  • Symposia (Two hour): In a symposium an opportunity is given to a group (normally between three to five individuals) to explore a particular topic or theme relevant to language immersion from different viewpoints.

Paper and poster presentations will be accepted in Irish and in English. Simultaneous translation will be available. Conference proceedings will be published.